Windbreaker / Gel Set Split 12″ EP

Windbreaker / Gel Set – Split EP
Format: 12″ Vinyl
Released: 2012
Country: US

A1.Windbreaker – Astal Projected Gunship
A2.Windbreaker – Meet Me On Autostrada
B1.Gel Set – Streets Covered in Snow
B2.Gel Set – U-Lock In My Hand


First 100 copies on colored vinyl!

“Chicago minimal synth cassette label, Modern Tapes, is hitting us with a killer variety of some darkly cold minimal synth releases. They describe Gel Set’s ‘Cell Jets’ as: ’6 songs of hazy, spacey, sparse minimal synth from this wonderful chicago artist.’ And we agree on all accounts…If you dig other one-woman fronted synth diva projects such as Stacian or Fielded, you’ll be diggin’ on thisone like we are in no time!” — PERMANENT RECORDS

“Two of Chicago’s best underground electro acts team up for this split EP of excellence. WINDBREAKER provide awesome distorted beats that sound like an old video game playing ELECTRONICAT tunes. GEL SET’s side is nice and slow beats with dreamy vocals. EXCELLENT!” –RECKLESS RECORDS

“The minimal and darkly funny one-woman Gel Set leaves an happily danceable impression with tracks like ‘The Perfect Place To Dump A Body’ (“That one there, he’s a hottie, / I just want to dump his body”) and “Can’t Stop Hating U…” AV CLUB MILWAUKEE

“..she’s a vision a gun toting, mace wielding armour-clad High Places patrolling the ghettos of ethereal indie pop with the scarred grimace of Snake Plisken. U-lock In My Hand is going straight on 20JFG’s personal mp3 playback device to give us comfort in those moments where we find ourselves lost and alone in the ghettos of Unknown Kadath (where 20JFG obviously lives).” — 20JAZZFUNKGREATS


“Windbreaker is the solo project of Nick from Lazer Crystal – those immaculate automaton of arpeggiated bliss. As you’d expect from one facet of this Crystal – ‘Meat, Me on the Autostrade’ is a sumptuous feast of Drexciyan chords served upon a Robotnik platter by a cubist algorithm. The final course is a smooth dessert of C64 pastel-prog with a distant vibez of Brassica, Hubbard and Moore dancing over your tongue, like squares of impregnated paper featuring the logo of the melodic illuminati that those three would surely form.”

“‘…astral projected gunship’ Here you have a prototype, in the shape of Windbreaker’s Suicide-class battle cruiser. The cruelty of its distortion torpedoes is balanced with the chivalrous aspirations of the squadron of magnificently moustachioed Hussars crewing it.” – 20JAZZFUNKGREATS


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